Jennifer Lawrence Sent Threatening Message

An overzealous fan of Jennifer Lawrence has been incarcerated after showing up outside the actress’ Kentucky home and sending her brother a threatening message.

Han Cong Zhao is being held at the Jefferson County Jail after turning up at the Silver Linings Playbook star’s family home in Louisville on April 18th.

Zhao is also accused of attempting to contact the actress’ brother Blaine more than 200 times and leaving him a voicemail message stating, “I find you or you come to me. You got me really upset. When I am upset, wait and see what happens.”

The former university student from Canada was charged with stalking Lawrence’s relatives, and has been ordered to have no contact with the family. According to USA Today, he has pleaded not guilty, pending a trial set for July 23rd.

In a statement, the Oscar winner’s lawyer Brad Hume said the Lawrence family appreciates the “responsiveness and professionalism” of the local police.

Hume adds, “Beyond that the Lawrences asked that their privacy be respected. This is not something they invited.”