Hollywood’s Portrayal of World War II Movies Wrong, Says Historian

Saturday Evening Post historian, Jeff Nilsson, joined Your Wake Up Call to discuss World War II in advance of Brad Pitt’s new film, which coincides with the 75th anniversary of World War II. It opens up in theaters Oct. 17.

The story centers on the Allies’ final push in World War II, and Nilsson helped us decipher fact from fiction as to how it’s all been portrayed in movies like Saving Private Ryan and more. He brought to light this phenomenon of glamorizing war in movies and how generations now essentially set out to outdo one another when it comes to actual fighting — the kind that movie cameras wouldn’t be allowed to show on-screen.

The Saturday Evening Post has just released a WWII book, Over There, Over Here: A Retrospective of WWII, which offers readers direct access to stories and articles from the Post during the war period.

Warning: The language in the trailer may not be suitable for work or children.

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