Here’s to you Katherine Webb

During last night’s BCS Championship debacle in Miami, a star was born. As the University of Alabama began to blowout the undefeated Notre Dame Irish and basically show the entire country the SEC continues to be a powerhouse, fans never lost interest. Yes, they lost interest in the game because it was an absolute blow out, but they continued watching. Fans watched with the mere hope they would see the Alabama quarterback, AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb.

Webb isn’t just the QB’s stunningly gorgeous girlfriend, her own resume includes being Miss Alabama and a graduate of Auburn University. As the game continued, Webb blew up the Twitter universe. Her number of followers exploded from under 1,000 to currently almost 130,000. This “trophy girlfriend” seems to have what it takes to be a “trophy wife” of an NFL player. All McCarron has to do is get drafted and the couple will be golden. If not, there’s always Johnny Football.

So, if you’re looking for Twitter followers the answer is simple. Date an SEC quarterback.