Hélène Joy Talks About Season 12 of “Murdoch Mysteries,” Today on Acorn TV

Joy is happy to talk about season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries on Acorn TV


Today Acorn TV will give us a very special Christmas Eve gift is the much anticipated season 12 of “Hélène Joy Talks About Season 12 of “Murdoch Mysteries,” today on Acorn TV.” It is one of the streaming services most popular shows and is the perfect way for families to sit down and enjoy some quality entertainment.

We also we have a special gift and that is Hélène Joy, the talented, charming and entertaining Australian born actress who plays Dr. Julia Ogden, the wife of Inspector William Murdoch played by a friend of the show Yannick Bisson.

She talks to us about season 12 complete with plenty of interesting behind the scenes tidbits. She spoke to us from Australia where she is on holiday.

Joy is very excited about the new season and all that it will bring to their many fans. Here are a few quick highlights from our conversation.

Joy on season 12: “We hit the reset button in-season 12, starting with William and Julia moving out the hotel into our new house that as you might expect has some pretty cool gadgets that William has crafted. Plus we also see Julia starting a new job that she loves and there are plenty of interesting new plotlines for the couple.”

Joy on the way the show embraces historical figures: “We have plenty of history buffs who enjoy the show because our writers weave some of the most famous historical figures of the time into the some of the episodes. We actually have Frank Lloyd Wright in the first episode of season 12 helping William and Julia build their new house.”

Joy on wearing those corsets and other period fashions: “Well to start with you simply can’t breathe. Women in those days stood up straight but were so very uncomfortable. I must admit that after the first season my body could not handle wearing the corsets so I told our production team. They were supportive of my decision and we actually had an episode about a model who was murdered by a corset used as a weapon. ”

Here is our complete interview in this week’s edition of Stream On with Jim Williams

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While I promise not to give away too much about season 12, I will tell you that episode one is titled Murdoch Mystery Mansion. It is a very good start to what we expect to be another great season.

The new home of Murdoch and Ogden is being designed by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, when it is rocked by an explosion that claims a man’s life and keep an eye out for guest star Downton Abbey’s Sophie McShera

For those who have not seen ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ it is set at the turn of the 20th century and revolves around Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto constabulary, who uses ground-breaking forensic techniques to close his cases.

Very few shows last 12 years but the what makes ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ special is the rare combination of smart, clever writing, a gifted group of actors and a seemingly never-ending ability to keep the show fresh. It is that brilliant cocktail that has made ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ a worldwide hit in over 100 countries airing in the U.S. on Acorn TV.

So few shows are as family friendly as ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ with an exquisite mixture of humor, interesting plot twists and a long list of outstanding guest stars – What’s not to like?

Joining Joy and Bisson as cast members are Jonny Harris, as Murdoch’s loyal friend, Constable George Crabtree, and Thomas Craig, as the gruff but lovable Inspector Brackenreid, they are he four main characters who have been part of the show since day one.

Our many Canadian listeners know that ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ airs on the CBC, those of you who are fans of ours in the United Kingdom will have a to wait a bit longer as season 12 will debut on Alibi starting on Monday, January 14th at 9 p.m. and finally for our many listeners in Australia channel 7 is where to watch the show.

Hey, need a last minute Christmas gift? I do suggest that a subscription to Acorn TV, might make a good gift. Then you can have fun binge watching Murdoch Mysteries,’ and the other fine shows from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.



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