Gamers Gear Up For ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

grand_theft_auto_2013When players get their hands on “Grand Theft Auto V” on Tuesday, the gaming world will get another titillating dose of the sex and violence that has come to define the series in the eyes of millions — many of whom have never played it.

Early reviews of the game confirm a checklist of activities from any good criminal’s daily planner: bong hits and lap dances, torture and tasers. They also herald the return of what The New York Times called “the most immersive spectacle in interactive entertainment.”

And in a world that’s learned to take “Call of Duty” and Quentin Tarantino in stride, it’s a combination some predict could result in the most lucrative entertainment launch in history.

“GTA is easily one of the biggest game releases of the year,” said Steve Butts, editor-in-chief of games and entertainment site “The previous game is still one of the biggest entertainment launches of all time, and there’s no reason to think GTA V will be any different.”


Source: CNN