Game of Thrones “The Lion and the Rose” Review

The first thing a review should not do is spoil the show for those people who have yet to see the episode, but tonight was the royal wedding. With ‘Game of Thrones’ don’t get too comfortable with any character because you will get your heart pulled out of your chest. If you’re a fan of the house of Stark you’ve been crying for the past three seasons.

All that needs to be said about tonight’s episode is “About damn time!”

“The Lion and the Rose” was well written and worked very well because you felt like several characters could die this episode. We are only two episodes in to a 10-episode roller coaster ride but “Game of Thrones” proves again and a again to be a game changer in storytelling.

If I was in the universe of the “Game of Thrones” I would never go to a wedding. Tonight’s episode was not as insane at the “Red Wedding” but it was more tense.

“The Lion and the Rose” gets 8.5 out of 10 dragons.