FBI’s Comey v Hillary Clinton is Batman v Superman

WASHINGTON – Reports are out that FBI Director James Comey will soon personally interview Hillary Clinton over the bureau’s investigation into whether classified information was mishandled on her email server. If true, this would be almost unprecedented. The FBI director rarely gets involved directly in these matters.

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Does this mean that the investigation is more serious than they are leading on? Not necessarily. Comey has served at the FBI under Democratic and Republican administrations and wants to continue to be seen as even handed and non-partisan. If he weren’t to handle it himself, Clinton’s people would say that it wasn’t being handled with the deference due a former Secretary of State and her opponents would say that it wasn’t being taken seriously enough.
The bottom line is that Clinton herself didn’t take these charges seriously enough at the beginning. Now she has put the Democratic party in a position where they can either support her and hope she doesn’t get indicted, support the socialist Sanders, or roll the dice on a brokered convention and see if Joe Biden or some other contender can ride to the party’s rescue.


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