Entertainment Weekend: Three Good Movies You Might Have Missed

Everyone is tired of quarantine, and everyone is trying to somehow entertain themselves. Someone is looking for a new betting app in Ghana, someone re-reads books 10 times, and someone decided to seriously study cinema. In search of life-giving novelties, viewers switched to streaming services. Despite this, the first half of the new decade presented us with several unusual premieres. Remembering great films that you might have missed by accident.

Man From Earth

In short: a conversational drama with the secrets of being and psychological games

It turned out to be a rather witty, intelligent, and sometimes even touching movie. It has a couple of interesting plot twists and a triple ending, like in a nesting doll. Plus one very powerful, in its own way even mesmerizing scene associated with the place of the protagonist in world history. And of course, the actors worked very well, especially David Lee Smith, who played the main role.

Three Inches

In short: a rather entertaining superhero comic, the creators of which never decided what they were filming.

This film is a pilot episode of the television series, which was to be released on the Syfy channel. However, the show was canceled and the pilot was released as a TV movie. The main problem with the picture is that the authors have not really decided whether they are shooting an adventure thriller or a parody of a superhero comic. The film begins as a pure comedy, and from the middle, it suddenly turns almost into a drama. And the main character – an infantile dunce and clumsy – quickly becomes the conscience of the team and a role model, and this reincarnation looks ridiculous.


In short: conventional comic trash with an abundance of brutal violence

This Netflix bloody action movie is based on the eponymous webcomic by Victor Sanchez and is quite consistent with the original in style and spirit. The comic is wordless, there are only pictures. So in the film, the bet is made on the visual – wild and outrageous violence. The ways in which the Black Kaiser deals with numerous enemies are quite varied – fans of films like John Wick will not be disappointed. 

After all, “Polar” is not just an action movie about killers, it is a comic strip with all its conventions, almost a fantasy – remember the absolute indestructibility of the protagonist and all this wild gang of freak killers. It is definitely not worth taking him seriously.