Drop Everything You’re Doing And ‘Get Out’ To See This Movie

‘Get Out’ Easily Deserved 100 Percent Rating

When you hear the name Jordan Peele normally the first thing that comes to mind is comedy. However, the comedian, actor, screenwriter, and director hit it out of the park with ‘Get Out.’

The Plot:

The thrilling mystery begins when a young African-American man takes a trip with his girlfriend to meet her parents. Upon arriving he finds himself in a very strange home with some strange people.

Chris Washington immediately notices something is a little off with his girlfriend’s, Rose Armitage, family when the “help” Georgina and Walter are African-American’s who seem to be giving off a very strange vibe.

As the trip unravels there are little clues as to what is going on. Rose’s parents host a party that is the biggest turning point for Chris to realize he needs to get out of there. But he realizes he is in danger too late and finds himself trapped in the Armitage home.

Photo: Justin Lubin/Universal Pictures via AP

The Good:

Peele directed a movie that truly had a mind blowing ending. As the climax unfolded everything started making sense. Each scene set up the next and you realize at the end that every scene held a clue to the big reveal at the end in epic foreshadowing.

Alongside the great plot, the acting was just as good. Daniel Kaluuya played Chris and put in an applauding performance. He was a main reason why this movie was such a hit with his down to earth demeanor all while slowly figuring out what was going on.

Catherine Keener was another big contributor to this movie that many may not have noticed at first. Keener played Missy Armitage, Rose’s mom and a therapist. Her family gushes over her ability to use hypnosis to help people with their problems. In fact, Missy immediately wants to use hypnosis on Chris to help him break his habit of smoking and Chris resists until he is caught off guard one night. Her mysterious mannerisms really played into her role in this whole movie.

Photo: Justin Lubin/Universal Pictures via AP

The Bad:

Who are we kidding, there wasn’t anything bad about this movie. We are only a couple of months into 2017 and Peele has directed one of the greatest movies of the year. There was not a boring scene. In fact, this thriller not only was suspenseful, but was funny too.

To Bring The Kids or To Not Bring The Kids:

Parents it’s really your call on this movie. While there were no sexual scenes, there was a lot of blood and violence towards the end that might be too much for the younger crowd. Truthfully it’s not the type of movie to give you nightmares, but it is suspenseful and the ending contains a lot of gun shooting and blood spilling scenes.