Did Disney Subtly Feature Its First Animated Gay Married Couple?

DISNEY – Disney is pandering in a major way to the gay community. Their animated hit “Zootopia,” has a rabbit police officer who moves into a new apartment and meets her new neighbors Bucky and Pronk. Both are antelopes and both male. They live together and bicker like a married couple. And in the closing credits it’s shown they share a last name, Oryx-Antlerson. Now THAT’S the kind of representation I’m sure the gay community has been striving for all these years…

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Why would Disney do this? Even a subtle implication of gay characters in a children’s movie is going to enrage the evangelical right. And how must the gay community feel about being represented by antelopes? We in an era of “Modern Parenthood,” why do they feel the need to beat around the bush?

We live in an era where the vast majority of people accept homosexuality. Especially young parents of young kids. Get over it, Disney. You don’t need to use coded representations of gays any more. You live in a whole new world. Let it go…
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