DC Comics: First Look at DAMIAN: SON OF BATMAN #1

When BATMAN #666 was released in 2007, readers saw an adult incarnation of Damian Wayne as Batman. This month, this possible future will be revisited and explored in an all-new 4-issue limited series from Damian’s co-creator, Andy Kubert.

“He’s the same wise guy we’ve always seen,” Kubert told NEWSARAMA about this version of Damian. “But we’ll see how he matures. He has to make some difficult choices that will make him grow not only as a superhero but a young superhero into adulthood.”

“The major difference is that Damian kills or has killed and Bruce does not. Damian is a hot head. Bruce is cool and calm. Damian is short. Bruce is — oh, forget it,” Kubert teased to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES about what separates Bruce and Damian Wayne when they pick up the Dark Knight’s cape and cowl. “I think their major similarity is that they both have a deep respect for what they believe is right and what is wrong. They both probably have different thoughts as to what is right and wrong, but they are deep into their beliefs of that. If Damian thinks someone should be killed, then he deeply thinks that someone, justifiably, should not be walking the Earth anymore.”

As for Kubert’s creative process for DAMIAN: SON OF BATMAN now that he’s both writing and drawing for the very first time?

“I wrote myself a full script meaning that each page is broken down and each panel in the page is numbered and described,” he explained to IGN. “I even did the dialogue in the script. I approached the script the same way I would any other. When I read through the pages, I’m not married to what is written down. If I see a different way, a more effective way of telling the story, I will go with that. It’s the way I approach things, and the way I tell my students that I teach in the school how to approach a script. Writing things down, then visually telling that story, are two different things in my opinion.”

In the gallery above, take a first look at Kubert’s interior art for DAMIAN: SON OF BATMAN #1, which flies into stores on October 30.

Source: DC Comics Media