Danielle Fishel “Topanga” Spills About Her New Book and Childhood Stardom

Danielle Fishel

The girl we all know and love as Topanga Lawrence in Boy Meets World is now all grown up and dishing about her life as a child star in the 90’s. Danielle Fishel spoke with Sports Talk Florida editor Amanda Borges about her new book, what she learned from Boy Meets World, and who taught her to throw the perfect spiral.

When Danielle first started acting, she said it was just something fun to do.

“You went in and basically said other people’s words, but you said them just the way you would. So, I went in and that’s the way I read Topanga, I just was bubbly and chipper and my normal Danielle self and they said, ‘thank you for your audition’ and I walked out and never heard from them again. Then the next day, I got the same audition for the same show but a different character…”

Danielle’s on-screen romance with Ben Savage confused fans when she was younger and dating.

“People tend to generally think that what they see on TV is real life and so people tend to ask questions. They think what they see on the show has happened, so yeah there have been a few times where we’ve taped an episode of Boy Meets World and the next week, somebody sees me out in the street and they’re like, ‘Hey, wait a minute! Why aren’t you in Philly?’ or ‘Why aren’t you in Pittsburgh?’ and it’s like ‘Well, because I don’t live in Philly or Pittsburgh, Topanga does!'”

Danielle also talks about how lucky she was an actress. Getting roles was something that came pretty easy to her.

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