Dali Museum Turns One-Year Old

It’s big!  It’s beautiful! And it turns one year old…it’s the new Salvador Dali Museum.

The actual building opened a year ago and the building is as much of an attraction as the artist’s work.

The museum is full of Salvador Dali’s photographs, video’s, paintings and drawings, but the new building also draws admirers.

The official website for the museum has a letter from the Executive Director, Dr. Hank Hine, that invite the public to visit.  It says:

“The new Dali Museum is one of a kind. Dali’s art, at once classically-based and provocatively imaginative, resonates in the geometry of the concrete and the astonishing flow of glass from the fractured center of the building. The Dali Museum is iconic and a beacon of the arts scene in downtown St. Petersburg. Come sip coffee in our wi-fied Café Gala, stroll to the center of our garden  labyrinth and take a deep breath. Entertain the possibility of the fantastical as the place and the art invite you to look beyond. This place is for your use; to question, to participate, to take joy in a new experience. “
Welcome. Hank Hine, Director

The museum’s visitors also help downtown businesses with a increase of foot traffic and seem to make everyone happy.

And events like today’s one-year birthday party will no doubt add to their happiness.

The original building was 34,000 square feet and opened in St. Peter in March of 1982, but this newly unique designed building is more than twice that size.