College Kids Think Judge Judy is on SCOTUS

AMERICA – Apparently, college kids these days do not know the difference between a judge on television and someone who is qualified to be on the Supreme court of the United States. Well Judge Judy is an actual judge, but kind of law that she is used to is light years away from what you need in order to be on the Supreme Court. But because millennial’s see someone on TV, they figure that they must be able to handle the job if they can get off a good comeback line

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A critical deficiency of our contemporary culture in America is the inability to distinguish reality from make-believe. There is an entire generation that believes reality television actually reflects some kind of reality. The twisted world of the Kardashian’s and the housewives of whatever wealthy city they happen to be in is completely different than that of 99% of the American people. And yet millennial’s believe that this is how they should be living. It is a mental distortion that will destroy our country

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