Outkick The Coverage’s Clay Travis Talks About First Amendment & Boobs

Outkick The Coverage w/ Clay Travis joined Florida Live with Dan Maduri to discuss his recent comments he made on CNN.

“I believe in only two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs,” Travis said sending the CNN panel into a meltdown.

“The fallout since then has been very favorable for me and very bad for them,” Travis tod Maduri when asked about the way CNN and anchor Brooke Baldwin handled his bold comments on air.

Photo: Outkick The Coverage

The Outkick The Coverage host joined the afternoon show to talk about ESPN’s handling of SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill’s calling President Trump a white supremacist. He dipped into the topic with Maduri as well.

“What I think ESPN can’t-do is what they did,” explained Travis. “Which is say you can’t say you disagree with the North Carolina transgender bathroom law, you’re fired, Curt Schilling. Oh and by the way Jemele Hill you can say the president is a white supremacist and so are his supporters and we say we disagree with you, but you’re still allowed to work here.”

The two dived into a whole discussion on politics in sports and what is and isn’t acceptable.

News Talk Florida Staff