Bubba the Love Sponge Delivers ‘Christmas in April’

7 year old Torrence Blake Jr. has a new dirtbike care of Bubba

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When seven year old Torrence Blake Jr. arrived home from school and extracurriculars at 4:30 on Thursday, Bubba The Love Sponge and a couple of representatives from Family Fun Center were there waiting as young Torrence discovered his brand new dirtbike.  Both Blake and his father exploded with joy as a story that began with a garage break-in concluded with a happy ending.  By the end of the day, the elder Torrence could think of no better way to sum it all up.

“You brought my son Christmas in April.”

Torrence Blake Sr. was almost as excited as his son on Thursday afternoon when radio legend Bubba The Love Sponge delivered a brand new dirtbike to Torrence Blake Jr., a seven year old elementary scholar who simply cannot get enough of his bike.

On Monday, somebody broke into the Blake family’s garage in Tampa, stealing young Torrence Jr.’s Kawasaki dirtbike.  The sad story of a burglary was made sadder because the stolen bike belonged to somebody so young.  Torrence Jr. is an avid rider, and the dirtbike is a way for Torrence Sr. to spend some all-important time with his son.

“That is what we—what kids—need more:  Dad-son time.”  Bubba went into action quickly after learning of what happened to the Blakes on Monday, alongside Lakeland’s Fun Bike Center.  The center’s motto is let’s have fun, and Bubba The Love Sponge has never been one to allow somebody to miss out on fun.

Torrence’s reaction to the theft, as told to News Channel 8, was remarkable:

“I feel so sad for my dad.”  One of the representatives from Fun Bike Center suggested that his son would be too heartbroken over what was taken of his to feel sad for his dad, but Torrences Senior and Junior share quite a father-son bond.

Now it seems that Torrence and his bike share a bond as well.  As kids will do with a new bike, Torrence pleaded with his family at the end for one more back-and-forth on his bike.  Considering the circumstances, it was only appropriate that he got it.