Blake Shelton, Jimmy Fallon Play “Random Object Toss”

Blake Shelton

Country singer Blake Shelton appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about his 11th album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, and they played a little game in honor of NFL football coming back Thursday night. The Green Bay Packers are slated to play the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle tonight.

Shelton and Fallon played a game of “Random Object Toss” where you toss anything ranging from peanuts to a sub sandwich to a mannequin head to bean dip into a hole on a backdrop of a wide receiver.

Among the mayhem, Shelton got hungry and decided to bite into the sub sandwich before unsuccessfully making the target. Why not, right? He was THAT close too.

Stinks for the guy who has to clean up the bean dip.