Billy Ray Cyrus Opens Up About Miley

Billy Ray Cyrus is opening up about what it was like raising Miley Cyrus before she became America’s twerk queen.

Sitting down with Queen Latifah on her eponymous gabfest on Tuesday, the 52-year-old country crooner dished on what it was like for his daughter in the Cyrus household and the amazing artists she was exposed to in her formative years.

“She grew up in a house where you’d see Waylon Jennings, Ed King, you know, the great Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar player who wrote “Sweet Home Alabama” and so many other great songs. Ed sittin’ at the kitchen table showing Miley the chords to “Sweet Home Alabama or Waylon showing her “Good Hearted Woman,”” the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer told the hip-hopster turned talk show host.


Source: E Online