‘The Big Bang Theory’ Wrap Up of ‘The Septum Deviation’

The Big Bang Theory Recap

Warning: the following synopsis contains spoilers.

This week on The Big Bang Theory, the show returned to its roots this week with Leonard and Sheldon’s friendship. As an avid TBBT watcher since 2007, it was nice to see an episode arc that reminded us why Sheldon and Leonard are friends in the first place. Sheldon could not grasp the concept that his best friend was going in for a minor procedure on his deviated septum. Sheldon spends much of the episode coming up with (funny) mathematical conclusions as to reasons why Leonard should not go. big_bang_2013

After some research, I have noticed that not every TBBT watcher has been satisfied with some of the episodes this season. Though, many fans would agree that last week’s episode “The Prom Equivalency,” with Sheldon saying, “I love you too,” to Amy sent many of us into (a long awaited but extremely happy) tears. Despite there being no ‘Shamy’ romancing arc last night, it is nice that we continue to see Sheldon’s character continuing to develop. If you go back and watch how Sheldon was in the first season, he has definitely changed.

When Sheldon learned Leonard lied to him about the date of his surgery, his (failed) attempt to break into the door to get into the operation room was comedy gold. Leaving the end of the episode with the two of them stuck on the sofa with their jammed noses in order to work out their differences was a perfect way to bring the episode full circle.

Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette’s marriage was brought into the spotlight when they discovered the news from Raj about his parents divorcing on their 40th anniversary. “Howie” and “Bernie” try to work on their on marriage to avoid the same road path Raj’s parents took. When the two try to compliment one another, it turns into a disaster.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from last night’s episode.

“There’s a car named after him.” -Amy
“Of course there is—the Mini Cooper cause it’s me.” -Sheldon

“So there ARE things you don’t like.”- Bernadette
“And here I am in the trap.”- Howard

“I’m not sure if that’s a person or a typo.” -Sheldon, referring to Jay-Z