Aged-Angry Wayne One of the Most Exciting Incarnation’s of Batman

HOLLYWOOD – Batman vs Superman Producer Michael Uslan is the man responsible for bringing Batman to the silver screen.  For years, he went to every major studio with the idea of a serious live action film. Finally, Warner Bros agreed and the rest is history.

With Batman vs Superman pre-sale tickets putting it around $400 million global box-office opening weekend this could be Uslan’s biggest film to date.

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Michael Uslan discusses Zack Snyder the director and producer of Batman vs Superman. “He’s a fanboy.” Uslan stated.

“Zack managed to capture Watchmen in three hours and that was the proving ground. We had the same type of a thing(naysayers) when it came to Tim Burton. We had the same thing with Heath Ledger. People told us, ‘Oh the guy who played the gay cowboy?” Uslan commented.

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