Backlash: Captain America and Winter Soldier Are Not Gay


HOLLYWOOD – Certain fans of Captain America: Civil War are in a tizzy. Part of the Captain America fan base who consider Captain America’s friend Bucky Barnes and not Peggy Carter  to be the true object of his romantic affections. The theory is so popular that directors on their recent publicity tour had to be very careful not to throw cold water on the fan theory that Captain America and his pal Bucky are gay.

I say leave fan fiction to the internet. People can think what they want to, but the story of Captain America is that he and Bucky are friends. Bucky’s the only human connection he has from the time before he was cryogenically frozen. Why does every close male friendship have to be viewed in a sexual context by the far corners of the internet?
We’re at a point where they vast majority of people in America accept open gay relationships. So why is it still necessary to project them on cultural figures who are clearly straight? Is this really any different from when a male chauvanist says that a lesbian he knows just hasn’t found the right man. Please, internet – let Captain America be Captain America.
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