A Conversation With Master Illusionist Adam Trent “A 21st Century Magician.”

Adam Trent takes magic to the next level

Adam Trent with video from ABC Kelly and Ryan

Talking to Adam Trent you can quickly tell that he truly loves what he does for a living. His job is being a professional magician and he is The Futurist, joining Darcy Oake (The Grand Illusionist),  Colin Cloud (The Deductionist), Shin Lim (The Manipulator), Chloe Crawford (The Sorceress), Light Balance (special guests) all outstanding performers who make up The Illusionists, showcasing their talents for this one month limited Broadway run through the end of December at the Marquee Theatre in New York.

He began his career at the age of eight and never looked back he was hooked.  “I remember we went to a theme park for the day and one of the first things we did was watch a magician do his tricks. It ruined the rest of the day because when I was on a roller coaster or any ride for that matter all I thought about was how did that guy do those tricks. I got a book of magic and it was my mission from that day forward to be a magician.”

Trent loves the idea of playing on Broadway and knows that much is expected of him and he does not disappoint. He really is the leader of a new generation of magicians.

“I actually teach the audience how to do some tricks. I show the audience the first trick I ever performed for a group of people,” Trent says. “Then I kind of talk about how my life in magic got started. I bring kids up on stage and give them the same pieces of magic that I was given as a kid.”

Trent’s Broadway show is far from your traditional magic act and that is by design. “I think the world we live in today is so fascinated with technology and the reason why it’s making our lives easier and allowing us to do things that we’ve never been able to do in our personal lives,” says Trent. “I think that explanation of technology in and of itself is a very magical thing. It’s allowing us to do things that we’ve never been able to do before.” Holograms and L.E.D. light walls are a large part of his show and what makes it so very entertaining.


“Illusionist Adam Trent is good but he can’t make this podcast disappear” on Spreaker.

But in Trent’s heart while he is always looking for the next best way to showcase his art he still loves the one-on-one street magic. It was at the very heart of his must-see Netflix series The Road Trick.

The show is part documentary, part magic, part travelogue, but all entertaining.  Trent takes the viewers along on his road trip through Europe where he uses magic to meet people and to get to know them better.

The Road Trick is a concept I came up with a few years ago – what if I took this ability of magic to be this great icebreaker and make people offer what they wouldn’t normally offer?

“I put that idea on steroids, went to Europe with a backpack full of tricks and just went out and used magic to see what kind of cool experiences I could get into.” Trent explained.

Without giving away too much of the show we did talk about a couple of his favorite bits.

“I actually just left the hotel with a backpack in the morning and started going and I ended up on a yacht party in Monte Carlo, I met these guys who took me up to jump off the side of the Swiss Alps and I got to go into the off-limits parts of the catacombs in Paris. In North Africa, I had a shaman bring me out into the middle of the Saharan Desert for a sacrificial animal ceremony that tourists never get, so there was a range of amazing, unique and terrifying but very fun experiences all combined into one trip.

“Magic was all the icebreaker that helped me do it.”

Trent is an outstanding entertainer and if you are near New York checkout The Illusionists at the Marquee Theatre until December 30th, be sure to watch The Road Trick on Netflix and check his tour schedule for 2019.

Also, he is working on a new TV series so keep an eye out for that coming in 2018. He will be in Clearwater in March get your tickets now.

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