Could 2017 Be The Year Of Movie Blockbuster Fatigue?

Big Blockbusters Expected But Is That A Good Thing?

I like movies like the next guy, there’s been a lot of good movies to come out. Rogue One took a story that everyone new and gave it a unique perspective. Everyone knew that Princess Leia got the Death Star plans, but in 2016 we got to see how she got those plans. We got to see Captain America take on Iron Man and essentially give us a look at what happens when dad and dad start fighting.

We also got some extreme duds in 2016 such as Batman vs. Superman (the Ben Affleck sadness videos are great though) and the total dumpster fire known as Suicide Squad.

But now it’s a new year and the question is whether or not moviegoers are going to get some fatigue. There’s a lot of interesting movies coming out such as Kong: Skull Island, Power Rangers and John Wick: Chapter 2 all in the first few months.

blockbuster power rangers
Photo: Official Power Rangers Twitter @ThePowerRangers

But realistically this summer is what is cause for concern with movie fatigue.

For starters in May 5, we have the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel kicks things off followed by Alien: Covenant (May 14) and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie (May 29th)—all in the same month. That’s a lot of blockbuster in a 30-day span. It’s also interesting to note that Disney would have 2 movies essentially competing against each other in Pirates and Guardians of the Galaxy.

But considering that there is some dead space earlier in the year—as in right now—why have both come out in May? Disney doesn’t like to have competing movies, which is why I believe they changed the latest Star Wars: Skywalker saga from a summer release to December—where it has found a nice little niche.

Let’s let people catch their breath, or at least let them save up some money to go to the next movie.

The jammed packed schedule doesn’t end with the sandwiched May as it goes all throughout the summer. June has Wonder Woman, The Mummy remake (don’t hold your hopes for that), Transformers: The Last Knight (might as well see the last one since you’ve probably watched the others) and that gets us to July with Spiderman: Homecoming.

block buster guardians of the galaxy

The movie industry is the one industry that can have a failing product and still make money. But at some point, there is going to be fatigue if they keep up a jam packed summer but don’t plan these things out better. The fatigue may be from movies or it may be in the wallet.

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