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Infectious Diseases: Is Your State Prepared?

A new study from researchers at the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provides a state-by-state


Miami Reacts To Cuba Policy Announcement

In the wake of Cuba’s release of Alan Gross and President Obama’s policy announcement toward the island nation there have been cheers of support


Capitol Hill Reacts To Cuba Policy Announcement

President Obama announced Wednesday that he’s instructed Secretary of State Kerry to immediately initiate discussions with Cuba on the

The Interview

“The Interview” Scrapped, Feds Blame North Korea

ABC News has learned the federal government has determined that North Korea is responsible for the Sony hack. This on the same day that The Interview


Pakistan Vows To Tackle Terrorism After School Masacre

A day after the cold-blooded massacre of more than 140 schoolchildren by Taliban militants at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan’s prime minister


Obama To Sign New Russia Sanctions Bill

President Obama decided Monday to move forward with signing legislation imposing further sanctions on Russia and authorizing additional aid to Ukraine, despite concerns that it will

The Interview

Sony Hackers Threaten “The Interview” Theaters

The group claiming to be the hackers responsible for stealing troves of Sony executives emails released a note Tuesday apparently

purple heart

Fort Hood Victims To Receive Purple Heart

Five years after Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood in Central Texas, survivors of the massacre will be eligible for the Purple Heart


Congress Approval Rating Near Record Low

When it comes to how America views Congress, there’s really nowhere to go but up. The job-approval rating for congress this year averaged 15%


Dog Tattoos To Be Illegal In New York

Dog owners considering a heart-shaped “Lassie Forever” tattoo for their dog will have to reconsider that request in New York State


Sydney Seige Ends As Police Storm The Cafe

A siege at a Café in Sydney, Australia, that lasted over 16 hours finally ended when a swarm of heavily armed police stormed the café on Monday.


ACA Healthcare Sign-Up Is Here

If you haven’t thought about your health care coverage for 2015, now’s the time. For plans in the government exchange, you’ll need to


Your Wake Up Call Discusses Proper Christmas Etiquette

Etiquette expert Wynne Dalley talked with Your Wake Up Call about proper Christmas etiquette.

North Korea

Texan Says He Entered North Korea Illegally

A Texan who illegally slipped into North Korea last month held a news conference there Sunday to slam the United States on human rights issues

New York

Clashes With Police Mar NYC Protests

Thousands of people marched in Manhattan Saturday to protest the killing of unarmed black men by police officers – a demonstration marred by sporadic clashes with police