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Your Wake Up Call Rundown, July 31st

Here's the rundown for July 31, 2014


Interview: Melanoma Cases Going Up

America’s top doctor has declared skin cancer “a major public health problem that requires immediate action.” Surgeon General Boris Lushniak’s office


Kevin Beckner Talks Gay Rights Ordnance

Earlier today on Your Wake Up call, we spoke to Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner about Hillsborough County's new human rights ordnance for gay rights.


Interview: Hassan Shibley Talks Islamic Palestinian Conflict

Earlier this morning on Your Wake Up Call we spoke to Hassan Shibly, the head of the Council of American Islamic Relations about Tariq Abdul Qadir


Interview: Marijuana Farm Found in Texas

A deer hunter has stumbled across a gigantic pot farm, complete with electric generators and an elaborate irrigation system, in southeast Texas