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Farm to table

Local Pig Farmer Talks About Being Featured In Book

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call, Chris Markowski and Jenna Laine spoke to Rebecca Krassnowski about the book she's featured in

President Obama

President Obama Rebukes State Ebola Quarantine Rules

President Obama delivered an implicit rebuke to stakes that have imposed strict Ebola quarantine rules Tuesday, warning they could undermine


FTC Sues AT&T For Throttling Customers With “Unlimited” Data Plans

The Federal Trade Commission brought down the hammer on AT&T on Tuesday for allegedly misleading more than 3.5 million smartphone users


New Ebola Vaccine Cleared For Clinical Trial In Switzerland

The Swiss agency that regulates new drugs says it has approved an application for a clinical trial with an experimental Ebola vaccine at the Lausanne University Hospital.

Nina Phan

Second Ebola-Infected Nurse Leaves Hospital

She has no trace of Ebola in her system and Amber Vinson is free to go back home to Texas. She and fellow nurse Nina Pham were infected