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FAIR Test Was “Unnecessary” For Students

Florida suspended a controversial exam, the FAIR test, as debate widens over school testing. Bob Schaeffer from The National Center for Fair


Woman To Be Executed For Beating, Starving Child

A 38-year-old woman is set to be executed on Wednesday evening in Texas for beating and starving the nine-year-old son of her live-in girlfriend


U.S. General Suggests “Boot On The Ground” In Iraq

On Tuesday, the nation’s top military officer opened the door slightly to the possibility of American troops accompanying Iraqi forces on the battlegrounds

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CDC: Fewer Americans Lack Health Insurance

It might be a while before we know the overall impact of the Affordable Care Act. But, as of now, Obamacare seems to be accomplishing at least


UN Says $1 Billion Needed To Fight Ebola

More than $1 Billion is needed to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. That’s a ten-fold increase in the past month