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What can President Obama do without Congress? Plenty...

Well worth the read is today's front page feature in POLITICOit is titled "Obama's Power Play" and it looks at the administrations executive action and regulatory agenda.This coming after Tuesday's State of the Union Address when President Obama told Congress to move forward or he would do so without them.

So, Wednesday in an FDA office building in suburban Maryland, the bureaucrats gather over coffee to draft rules meant to squeeze the trans fat out of snack foods.

Four blocks from the White House, in an EPA conference room: more bureaucrats, more meetings, more drafting of rules, these aimed at forcing industrialists to spend billions cutting carbon to fend off global warming.

Congress? Who needs Congress?

Americans heard President Barack Obama declare this week that he intends to bypass the gridlocked Hill to get things done on his own. What they didnt hear: just how far hes actually pushing his executive authority.

An in-depth examination of the administrations actions and plans, agency by agency, regulation by regulation, reveals an executive power play thats broad and bold and intensely ambitious. Far more than he let on in the State of the Union, the president has marshaled the tools of his office to advance policies, many unabashedly liberal, that push deep into everyday life for tens of millions of Americans.

He wants to change how power plants operate. And what we buy for lunch. How we travel to work. And how our kids learn math. How our gasoline is formulated. How we light our aquariums.

Already, the presidents team has enacted 300 economically significant regulations, far more than Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan did in comparable periods. Some of those rules are driven by the Affordable Care Act and Dodd-Frank banking reform, the two big laws Obama pushed through Congress early in his first term, when he had Democratic majorities in both houses. But there is far more. MORE...


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