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‘True Detective’ Midseason Review and Predictions

By Matthew Sardo
Pop Culture Insider

Pop Culture Recess: Episode 33: ‘True Detective’ Midseason Review and Predictions

The Pop Culture Recess duo of Matthew Sardo and Gerardo Gonzalez discuss episode four ‘Who Goes There’ of ‘True Detective.”

Why you should listen: We plot out the next have of the season with predictions for the season finale.


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Matthew Sardo says:

Cohle has been playing everyone. It will be interesting to see what he uncovers and who the killer is.

Carla says:

Rust Cohle’s redacted Texas files place him under the authority of a federal DEA Agent Brooks “to be assigned as an undercover agent to any Task Force or Law Enforcement Agency that he feels will be aided by his undercover work,” and it will be his decision as to when Cohle will be classified to return to normal duties. I have to wonder if he was placed in the Louisiana CID as an undercover DEA agent to investigate a drug/sex trafficking ring being run by corrupt local officials.