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“The Florida Economy is NOT Getting Better”

By Dan Maduri
Host, The News Hour

Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano is furious with Tallahassee and Citizens Insurance as they continue to monopolize the insurance business in Florida.

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You would think they wouldn’t be so proud of themselves

beleaguered home owner says:

No help for citizens about to be insured out of their homes, I note, in the segment I heard. Aren’t there any grass roots groups trying to save home owners? I would tell anyone even thinking of buying in Florida to think again. Since moving here, the insurance education from Paige St. John (see on home insurance in Fl and learning about the McCarran-Ferguson act of 1945 which gives ALL insurance companies exemptions from anti-trust and price fixing laws!!! We should be enraged at all this, really. Seems they are allowed to cheat and steal at will as long as they can “persuade” state legislators to let them. Obviously, they do “persuade” very well. What a country…