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Ted Cruz rolls into Iowa with an eye on 2016

According to The Hill Texas Sen. Ted Cruz arrives in Iowa this weekend riding a wave of political momentum after clashing with GOP leaders in Washington over immigration legislation. Cruz, a Republican, is emerging as a favorite of conservative activists, who every four years play an outsized role during the Iowa caucus, the first contest of the GOP presidential primary. He bolstered his reputation as a Tea Party rebel over the last two weeks by repeatedly meeting with House conservatives who forced GOP leaders to rework an emergency bill aimed at stopping unaccompanied minors from streaming across the Texas border. Anti-establishment conservatives in Iowa are applauding Cruzs role. Whenever we need a voice in Washington, he seems to be the most eager to stand up for we out here in the grassroots, said Steve Deace, a conservative radio host based in Iowa. The more people disdain him in D.C., the more theyre going to improve his chances in 2016." MORE...


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