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French Woman Leaving to Join ISIS Talks

ISIS winning propaganda war

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton: Taliban 5 Not A Threat To U.S.

Hillary Clinton said in an interview with NBC that the five Taliban released in exchange for

John Boehner

Interview: John Boehner Speaks Out On Prisoner Swap

Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday harshly criticized the swap of five Taliban detainees for one U.S. soldier, saying

your Wake Up Call

Video: Your Wake Up Call Show Recap June 9th

This morning, Your Wake Up Call continued discussion on implications of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release in exchange for five Taliban prisoners, among other hot topics. My co-host, Chris Markowski, and I recap today’s show here, sounding off on the prisoner release


Taliban Threatened To Kill Bergdahl If Story Leaked

Congress not told of swap because Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if it leaked


Taliban: “We’re Inspired To Kidnap More”

In the days and hours leading up to the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl last week, his Taliban captors in Pakistan

White House

WH Apologizes for ‘Oversight’

Bergdahl controversy continues to grow


Interview: Obama Meets President-Elect Of Ukraine

On day two of his mission in Europe President Obama meets with the President-elect of Ukraine, and celebrates a milestone


Video: Chris Markowski Talks Taliban Trade

Chris Markowski talks about the 5-for-1 trade with the Taliban

President obama

Interview: Ann Comptom Talks G7 Summit, Bergdahl Release

ABC News correspondent Ann Compton is overseas, traveling with President Obama, who will be heading to Brussels for the G7 summit