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Ex-CIA Deputy Director: Be Mindful of Al-Qaeda

Edward Snowden Aided Terrorists and is a Traitor


Lawmakers Hear Plea For Release Of Former Marine Held Prisoner In Iran

His name first came up after word that he was reportedly taunted by his Iranian prison guards after President Obama failed


Will The US Repair Its Relations With Cuba?

Chris Markowski, host of Your Wake Up Call, talks about the meeting between President Barack Obama and Cuba president Raul Castro. How does he think the


Obama, Castro Attend Summit Of The Americas

President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro will both be in Panama City attending the Summit of the Americas beginning Thursday

Daniel Ruth

Daniel Ruth Show: April 4, 2015

On today’s show we talked about the Iran nuke deal, and so much more.


Iran Nuke Deal May Happen Soon

On Monday, President Obama used the occasion of the Ted Kennedy museum dedication in Boston to urge Congress to start getting more done.

Frank Underwood House of Cards

Is Obama Like Frank Underwood in “House of Cards?”

Chris Markowski, host of Your Wake Up Call, explains how Obama is similar the Frank Underwood, the president in the show, "House Of Cards."

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality and Why Govt Isn’t the Answer to All Problems

Your Wake Up Call host Chris Markowski talks about net neutrality in this video and asks why people would sign off on something they haven't even read


The Beautiful Branding of Murderous Islamic State

Protecting free speech of foreign terrorists


Man Shot Dead At Obama Convenience Store

A shooting at a St. Pete convenience store has police investigating.