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Cuba: Give Us Guantanamo Back

President Obama announced the re-opening of the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba this morning. Cuba will also establish diplomatic turf in Washington, DC, but declared that “normalized” relationships will develop only if the United States meets certain criteria. The


After Big Week, Obama Riding A Big Wave Of Momentum

It could have been a disaster week, but last week saw all the legislative cards turning up aces for the White House


Obama Issued 19 Secret Directives on Eve of SCOTUS Decisions

Timing is everything


Supreme Court: Obamacare Lives

Still holding


Obama Administration Releases Hostage Policy Review

On Wednesday, President Obama will announce a major change in policy with regard to Americans being held hostage overseas.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the Outsider the GOP Needs

The Donald can set the tone

trade agenda

Obama Still Hoping To Salvage Trade Bill

With just 18 months to go in office, President Obama went all in on Friday, visiting Capitol Hill in an effort to sway enough Democrats to vote for his trade bill.


Obama Returns From G7 Summit

Among the Topics of discussion at this year’s G7 conference, which included the crisis in Ukraine, climate change and the Greek economy


Ex-CIA Deputy Director: Be Mindful of Al-Qaeda

Edward Snowden Aided Terrorists and is a Traitor