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domestic violence ad Super Bowl

Should a Domestic Violence Ad Air During the Super Bowl?

This Sunday, for the first time, a Super Bowl ad will address domestic violence and sexual assault. Is the world ready for it?


Jordan Prisoner Swap: Did Bergdahl Set Dangerous Precedent?

Did the trade of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five terrorists set a dangerous precedent for negotiating with terrorists?

auschwitz holocaust remembrance day

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Why It’s Important We Revisit

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Jenna Laine and Chris Markowski of Your Wake Up Call discuss the liberation of Auschwitz 70 years ago and reflect on why it’s important we keep revisiting what happened in the Holocaust.

Auschwitz 70th anniversary

Remembering Auschwitz 70 Years After Its Liberation

Florida Holocaust Museum executive director Elizabeth Gelman talks about the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz


What Can the U.S. Learn from Greece’s Economic Crisis?

Greece has been crippled by debt in recent years. How do they get out? Will Alexis Tsipras of the Syriza party be the answer to a tumbling economy?


How Can President “Turn the Page” with Chaos Erupting in Yemen?

The U.S. Navy sent warships to the Red Sea this week after chaos erupted in Yemen and Shiite rebels seized the presidential palace.


Obama’s Free Community College: An Attack on the Responsible

There's no such thing as "free" and Chris Markowski, host of Your Wake Up Call, debunks the idea of "free community college." Someone is paying and it's you


Did Selma Give an Inaccurate Portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson?

The recently-released film 'Selma' has received positive reviews, but some are saying it's an unfair and inaccurate portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson

Benderson FSRA Regatta

Sarasota Benderson Park Seeks Public Funding for….Crew?

A public park in Sarasota is seeking $11 million from the state of Florida to expand its world-class rowing facilities. Why tax-payer money though?

Chris Cuomo CNN

Video: CNN and Chris Cuomo Now White House Advocates?

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and CNN took an unusual stance Tuesday by pledging to push Congress to adopt President Obama's free community college plan.