Rancher Loses Livestock Due To GMO Corn-Audio


The Food Nation Radio Network conducted an exclusive interview this week with Jerry Rosman, an Iowa pig and cattle rancher who lost his entire operation due to GMO corn that he says made his livestock sterile. Today, he drives a truck to make ends meet, but he agreed to tell us his story.




Here’s what happened: 


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RavenBoy says:

If I’m following your logic, there could be no evolution, as a mutated gene would be “seen” as an invader and the “…genome responds seeking to destroy the invader…”. Am I misinterpreting you? By the way, I’m no fan of GMOs for a host of reasons, but critics need to be sure their views are supported by sound background, or the goals will be undercut.

Lexionag says:

This is B.S. at least 95% of all livestock operations in North America are feeding GM corn and grains. These operations get high conception rates that are no different than feeding non gmo. IMO he needed to blame something for his poor management and failure. My 2 cents

mechstech says:

Monsanto is a big part of the American Gov’t.

concerned citizen says:

I am not an attorney or scientist, but I work with many of these people in the GMO Free Movement.
I have seen this play out time and time again with certain farm profiles.
I think you maybe targeted and perhaps sent “special feed” that could be just to put a certain farm profile out of business. They are profiling farmers in the grain industry…approx. 150 or more farms have been targeted and sued by Monsanto…many losing their farms and savings.
I think you maybe a victim of farm profiling and targeted…not sure what you call it when you do this kind of sabotage, biotech sabotage on profiled farms?
I think it is worth looking into. This would be in line with many of the business practices of the Biotech world especially Monsanto.

Shiningknight says:

Right on! Well said….

Robert says:

But wait! Monsanto has a new chemical that can make your cattle fertile. It will cost you though! These guys all need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. treason against the american people, racketeering, bribery, subversion of the american govt. and probably dozens of other crimes.

Angel says:

exactly. The body will treat anything un natural as a foreign invader.

Dpizza says:

the animals were having false pregnancy due to a mimic of estrogen,by the genetics in the corn, which they were eating, which by the way will cause breast cancer in women – anytime you have a chemical that mimics estrogen, you raise the estrogen in the body, and raised estrogen or longer years of producing estrogen, raises the potential of breast cancer in women, and obviously women can mimic false pregnancies also…

05doberman says:

feed it to Octomom!!

Leahwa29 says:

Go hug a tree is justa troll.

Roland Decaro says:

Then feed it to the Monsanto Executives. People with their values should not propagate

Sheryl Metalmom Johnson91 says:

He is not the only farmer to have problems with GMO feed. Cattle, pig and chicken farmers are all seeing lowered fertility, increases in miscarriage rates, and stillbirths.

Timothy-murphy says:

Namaste Everyone, Once an alien gene is inserted into an organism the genome responds seeking to destroy the invader. The genes are now out of equilibrium and try to, 1. fullfiling their previous designed tasks, 2.fighting the intruder, 3.trying to unite with an incompatible occupancy gene. In this altered state food is produced thats altered resulting in a host of critical health problems. Genitics is the last frontier in biology. I know of no organism absent of a defence mechanism let alone trying to form a union in a forced occupation. Food products that fail to meet the related biochemical needs of an receiving organism will form mutations the precursers of disease. In conclusion biochemical and geometric changes in GMO food appear to interfere with absorbtion, access, usage and communication damaging cells. Atomic Imaging is needed. Thank You Namaste Timothy.

Doc K says:

Go hug a tree, We are seeing increased incidence of fertility problems related to this issue. When GMO corn was initially tested, they saw this in rats, but it was overlooked to get it approved through USDA and FDA. Just keep your mind open to the possibility that this might be occurring. Of course if your benefitting by this in anyway, that might be difficult.

Go hug a tree says:

So the other billion other cattle eating GMO crops are ok but this guy has problems.

Mercedesme411 says:

Well now if the cattle get sterile IT WILL MAJE PEOPLE STERILE TOO!!!!!!!!

Well of course the Guvment and Monsanto didn’t do anything to help- they’re in each other’s pockets! I mean the former VP of Monsanto is the Food Tzar!!!

Xena_pelargonium says:

There is absolutely no reason to ever grow gene engineered food. The CEO of Monsanto only eats organic food because he doesn’t believe GMO’s are safe to eat.

Reebolton says:

Thank you for getting the word out about the horrors of GMOs.
I am so sorry for Jerry Rosman’ losses. Does he have any legal recourse? I do hope so!

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