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Facebook and Apple Offer Women to Freeze Eggs

Women can now have it all


HBO Soon To Stream Online Only

HBO Goes Exclusive in 2015 In 2015, subscribers of HBO on cable or satellite will only be able to subscribe to the network to an online only streaming service. The Boston Globe reports from HBO chief executive Richard Plepler,


Ebola Soon To Be A TV Series

Ebola Topic On TV Screens With many people worrying about the Ebola virus, is it really appropriate to bring the controversial topic to our television screens? Well like it or not, the Ebola topic is in the process of


Sting Puts A Personal Touch On Ringtones, Sings Voice Mail

Sting appeared on the Tonight Show to talk about his appearance in an upcoming play called "The Last Ship."

because i got high

Afroman Updates “Because I Got High” To Adjust For Leagalization

Afroman has rewritten his song "Because I Got High" to make more sense because some states have legalized the drug. Recreational