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Pixar Films To Return In 2015

pixar_2013We hope you got a good long look atMonsters University, released back in June, because thats the last Pixar film youre going to see for two full years. Yes, were now entering a 24-month stretch without a Pixar release in theatersthe longest since 2003.

This recent stoppage in a once-dependable pipeline was caused byThe Good Dinosaur, a comedy which images a world still populated by these prehistoric beasts. WhileDinosauris not destined for extinction, creative delays led to the sacking of director Bob Peterson (who co-helmed 2009?sUp)a replacement has yet to be named.

Even as Pixar continues its tradition of tinkering with movies and shuffling creative talentwhich include a revised story forRatatouilleand the replacement of director of 2012?sBravethe pressure of having to release a logistically complex big-budget film (typically around $200 million) each and every year may be starting to catch up with the Disney-owned company.

Source: Time


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