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Nan Rich wants to debate Charlie Crist

Nan Rich faces an uphill battle against Charlie Crist.

Nan Rich faces an uphill battle against Charlie Crist.

In the race for the Florida Democratic nominee for governor it is Nan Rich the  Florida Senate Minority Leader, of Weston, as the challenger and former GOP Governor of Florida Charlie Crist who is now a Democrat and  the true front runner. At the moment Crist is the great “Silver haired hope,” from St. Petersburg and while Rich has served the party well in the past Crist seems to be the person that most of states Democrats like to return to Tallahassee. 

 So, one would expect Rich to do exactly what she did this week and that is to challenge Crist to debate her on statewide television as many times as possible.

Civic leaders in Broward County has offered to host the first debate but at this time there is no answer from either camp as to if there is any interest. In a letter to Crist and Rich earlier this month, they said they’d like to hold a debate at Broward College’s Bailey Concert Hall on the Davie campus. If the candidates agree, the two organizations would handle all the logistics.

The invite came from Mike Colodny, chairman of the Broward Days organization, and J. David Armstrong, president of Broward College.

While it may be a good idea for Rich to debate don’t expect Crist who has a commanding lead in the polls to be in any hurry to take her up on her offer.  There could be one or perhaps two debates before the primary but that is it and for now Rich will have to fight Crist in the press.

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