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Morning funnies: Jon Stewart on NJ

This from today's Huffington Post: TheNew Jersey traffic scandalthat engulfed Wednesday's news cycle has not only threatened Gov. Chris Christie's 2016 presidential chances in the Republican primaries, it got personal for at least one high-profile New Jersey native: Jon Stewart.

"Did probable presidential favorite Chris Christie personally order this traffic? I don't know," Stewart joked. "But I do know one thing about the effects of this burgeoning scandal. You can probably now see Paul Ryan's boner from space."

Stewart made clear his disappointment in the crudeness of the traffic scandal in a state renowned for its crude scandals. Introducing himself as the show's "Senior New Jersey Correspondent," he fired off a lengthy comic rant bashing those involved with intentionally shutting down the George Washington Bridge as political retribution against the mayor of Fort Lee. View the video here...



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