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i24 News Reports: "Israel will be out of Gaza in 24 hours."

According toi24 News in "Breaking News": The Israeli army is expected to conclude within 24 hours the task of destroying the assault tunnel network and will settle in defensive lines within the Gaza Strip, up to three kilometers deep, while narrowing down numbers in Gaza and returning them to Israeli territory.

A senior Israeli official said Saturday that Israel would not be sending a delegation to Egypt to pursue negotiations over a ceasefire agreement with Hamas. Additionally, the official said that the Israeli army will finish its mission of destroying the tunnels and that "decisions will be made" as to how the operation shall continue, but that the general plan is to seek a unilateral end to the offensive.

"No more talks of ceasefires," the official said. "Israel will act according to its best interests," he said, adding that "it is now clear to everyone that Hamas does not want a ceasefire, so there is no point in pursuing a diplomatic track."

There will be cease-fire talks being held in Egypt on Sunday and it is not yet known who will be involved in those conversations.

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