House votes to keep Gov’t open three more days

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers.

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers.

The House approved a three-day extension of government funding through January 18 to buy time for debate on a large omnibus spending bill this week. The action was taken on a simple voice vote after less than five minutes of debate.

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg the extension will give Congress the time needed to get the bi-partisan budget bill passed and signed by the President this week.

House and Senate lawmakers agreed to a bipartisan compromise to fund the U.S. government through Sept. 30, unveiling the measure days before financing for federal agencies is scheduled to lapse.

The $1.1 trillion measure includes $1.01 trillion for U.S. government operations, plus war financing known as overseas combat operations. Republican efforts to derail some regulatory initiatives and to deny funding for implementation of the 2010 health care law were left out to ensure passage and avoid a repeat of the 16-day partial government shutdown in October.

The bill, announced last night by lawmakers including House Appropriations CommitteeChairman Hal Rogers, a Kentucky Republican, and Senate Appropriations ChairmanBarbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, probably will reach the House floor tomorrow, Rogers said. MORE…

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