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“He’s smarter than me,” Republican David Jolly says about Libertarian candidate Lucas Overby

“He’s smarter than me.”

It is rare to hear a political candidate speak these words about an opponent, especially in the midst of a heated race like the Congressional District 13 special election to fill the late Republican Congressman C.W. Bill Young’s seat. Yet GOP candidate David Jolly, who served as an aide to Young, uttered that quote at a Candidate’s Forum held at St. Petersburg Community Church on Tuesday.

“He’s smarter than me,” Jolly said, as part of a remark about Libertarian Lucas Overby’s response to a moderator’s question.

That Jolly attended the event is perhaps an indication that his campaign team is concerned about the growing momentum the 27-year-old Overby has received since Bay News 9 viewers overwhelmingly selected the Libertarian as the winner of a debate aired on that network on Feb. 3.

Since then, an escalating number of Pinellas County residents have expressed support for Overby, voicing their displeasure over the bickering between Jolly and Democrat Alex Sink, both of whom have deep ties to special interest groups.

The campaigns of Jolly and Sink are backed by substantial financial support while Overby is running a grassroots effort. Overby became the first Libertarian to be included in a nationally televised debate when he took the stage with Jolly and Sink on Feb. 3. The debate was also shown on C-SPAN3.

In the latter stages of Tuesday night’s event, following a response from Jolly that included more vitriol towards Sink, Overby reiterated that his campaign is about sharing ideas and voicing viewpoints instead of launching attacks.

Political analysts say that Overby’s most daunting challenge is money.

“But he may benefit from the backlash against the two major parties and there are about 28 percent of the people in the district that do not identify as Republicans or Democrats,” USF Professor of Political Science Dr. Susan MacManus recently told 10 News in Tampa.

Sink did not attend the forum. The election is slated for March 11.

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xeriscapelady says:

David never got in the mud of Alex Sink and to say that is a disservice to him. Also maybe one statement he was gracious to Lucas, but David is a very smart man and he will do the job needed to fight for our freedom. he will hit the ground running as they say with the greatest chief of staff ever, plus his knowledge of what is really going on with terriorism which he got as an aide. Don;t think David is not very bright, as he is. he is a gentleman also, but will do what is necessary for us to win. Remember Newt did not have to get down and dirty to pass 4 budgets or the welfare reform. You have to know how to get things done and David does. But he is NOT an insider, just knows the inside.

Ronald Rollins says:

Sink a no-show – yet AGAIN! and Jolly w/ this admission; The Overby campaign has really gained alot of momentum since he was declared the winner of the debate! The voters have the power – not the money / special interest / lobbyist and bankers. Voters have the power to send ‘one of their own’ to Washington!

Fred Mangels says:

Funny how people always complain about the money in politics, then go on to vote for the candidates with the most money.

Dale Doelling says:

In case you haven’t figured it out, in a battle of wits with a Libertarian candidate, the DEMS and REPS go in UNARMED!

Lucas is the best choice in the race.

Jo Ann Vacirino says:

People: don’t let money decide your vote in this election. Vote for principles and integrity – Lucas Overby has both. VOTE YOUR VOICE!