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Elizabeth's Views After the SOTU - Audio

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Last Saturday on the Dougherty Report, Elizabeth opened the show with some serious concerns about the future of our country.

Have we lost our representative form of government? Should we send Congress home and not waste any more money on them? LISTEN HERE

Elizabeth Dougherty has been a writer for over 10 years, and holds a Bachelors degree, Magna Cum Laude from NYIT. She has been a talk show host of nearly 300 episodes of radio which air each Saturday morning at 8 on the Business Talk Radio Network nationwide, Saturday afternoons at 4 on flagship WWBA AM820 News, and Sunday mornings at 8 on the Space Coast on WIXC AM1060 News, respectively. You can read her articles and hear previous shows on herpodcastpage on theThe Dougherty Reportwebsite and onFacebook.



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