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Jolly vs Sink a national battle

The race for the vacated by the passing of Congressman Bill Young is starting to get nasty and it is gaining the national money that we expected that it would.

The battle between former Young staff member the GOP candidate DavidJolly, and former state Chief Financial Officer and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, a Democrat, in the general election is in full swing.

In today's edition of POLITICO the report that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going after GOP congressional candidate Jolly over his lobbying past in a new ad. POLITICO has learned an issue thats already become a potent one in thespecialelection in Floridas 13th Congressional District.

The adshows a clip of Jolly, who won the GOP primary last Tuesday against state Rep. Kathleen Peters, saying he is proud of the work [hes] done as a lobbyist.

David Jollys proud to be a lobbyist, says the ad, which hits the airwaves Tuesday. Is Jolly proud of lobbying for special interests that received over 3 million in taxpayer-funded earmarks? Or the firm lobbying for hundreds of millions for a dictator in Pakistan?

The DCCCdropped$200,000 on the buy, and the ad will run through next Monday in the St. Petersburg area. They have plenty of cash to spend so get used to seeing and hearing plenty of ads. The GOP will send some money Jolly's way so get ready for attack ads from both sides flooding the airways till election day.

The committee is the second Democratic group to aid Sink and hit Jolly in the race. EMILYs List, the pro-Democratic womens group that endorsed Sink, has begun sending out mailers.MORE..


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