Congratulation to Pulitzer Prize Winner Daniel Ruth

The Tampa Bay Times’ Tim Nickens and Daniel Ruth have won the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing.

The journalists were cited for “their diligent campaign that helped reverse a decision to end fluoridation of the water supply for the 700,000 residents of the newspaper’s home county.”

Nickens, editor of editorials, is an Indiana University graduate who joined the Times as a reporter in 1983. He worked for the Miami Herald from 1990-1995 before rejoining the Times. He became editor of editorials in September 2008. Ruth has spent four decades in journalism, as a reporter, film critic, television critic and columnist for the Tampa Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Tampa Bay Times.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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pschoes says:

It’s sad that today’s editorial makes fun of God’s word. Hillsboro County voting on Gay Pride parades is just caving in to the decline of today’s society. Yes, Dan, God

did say homosexual behavior is wrong and flaunting it doesn’t please Him.

rpetrosky says:

To allthekingshorses,
Your reference to Ruths’ statements as “verbal diarrhea” is probably due to your inability to understand what he is saying. You should pay more attention to what is said and learn from it and maybe your comment will be worth reading. Ruth is an excellent writer and what he says is right on the mark.

Walter Gay says:

We still have the problem with Pinellas County’s
voting procedures.

Where is the Tampa Bay Times Investigative
Reporting and Opinion report on this violation of these voters
votes? The voters have no say and/or reply from Pinellas County’s
government. 253,480 votes were just trashed.

This is malfeasance by someone(s) and their head(s) needs to roll.

The Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections?????

Four County Commissioners refuse to step-down after their 8-years term limits is completed.

The Four County Commissioners are the definitive example of why the 253,480 (73%) of the Voting Citizens of Pinellas County in 1996, voted FOR term limits. The four continue to affirm the voters were correct in their votes, by not stepping down after their 8-years is completed.

They have violated the citizens’ trust, the Constitutions of the United States and Florida by ignoring the will and mandate of the 253,480 citizens of Pinellas County. Their violations and actions implies that these votes of 253,480 Pinellas citizens can be ignored. This is a Constitutional violation by the restricting/suppression of the citizen’s votes. The correct term for their actions is dictatorial.

Each of them is ineligible for the position of commissioner. But two of the four were allowed to illegally run again in the 2012 election. It is not known who allowed this. They also continue to illegally vote on County issues and spend unaccountable
tax-dollars what on whatever they wish.

Why are the plaintiff citizen(s) required pay for an attorney to challenge Defendants’ violations and the Taxpayers paying for the Defendant(s) (commissioners) legal representation? There is the standing Florida Statutes and Constitutional Rights that are being ignored and the citizens should not have to pay for their Rights and the defendant(s) (commissioners) legal representation.

Is this the Florida Government of the OF, FOR, and BY the People?

Each of these defendant(s) individuals should be suspended and appoint replacements made until the Court makes a ruling and a election held for their legal replacements.

Each of them has violated their Florida oath of office.


I do solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support,
protect, and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States and of
the State of Florida; that I am duly qualified to hold office under the
Constitution of the State, and that I will well and faithfully perform the
duties of _____________________

On which I am now about to enter, so help me God.

Walter Gay
1617 Greenwood Drive
Dunedin, Florida 34698

allthekingshorses says:

A Pulitzer Prize does not a gentleman make.

Saturday morning on his 820 am radio show Ruth described Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent as wackos and idiots. Cheap ad hominum attacks are the best the left has to offer.

Rather than respectful reasoned disagreement Ruth chooses to broadcast verbal diarrhea.

At worst he is employing leftist techniques from “Rules for Radicals”. Specifically # 5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule” and # 13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. …
the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.”.

Hardly the makings of a Pulitzer.