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Clinton: The clock is turning back on women

According to multiple news sites today,Hillary Clinton warns in a new book that the clock is turning back on women across America and offers a passionate argument for prioritizing the advancement of women and girls.

Clinton, the former secretary of state and possible presidential contender, is one of a slew of high-profile contributors to a new report set to be released this afternoon compiled by author and activist Maria Shriver and the liberal Center for American Progress.

Trying to give women and girls a fighting chance isnt just a nice thing to do, Clinton writes in The Shriver Report: A womans nation pushes back from the brink. It isnt some luxury that we only get to when we have time on our hands. This is a core imperative for every human being in every society. If we do not continue the campaign for womens rights and opportunities, the world we want to live in and the country we all love and cherish will not be what it should be.More...


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