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Chris Christie takes on the GOP

Recently CBS Newstook a look at how things were beginning to start to play out on the Republican side as we draw just 994 days away from 2016 Presidential election. Who and how would the GOP have as their candidate? Who has the power and who needs more time to build on their base. There are quite a few questions just 994 days away from the election, but alas there are very few answers.

It seems that a war has broken outbetween New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the other Republicans he could face in the 2016 Republican primary.

Fresh off asuccessful re-election bidin the New Jersey governor's race, Christie made the rounds on the Sunday political talk shows to share his winning secrets with the rest of the GOP. The way he tells it, ideological purity just doesn't hold a candle to his results-oriented brand of Republicanism.

"The lesson is to govern and to show up," hetoldCBS' Norah O'Donnell in an appearance on "Face the Nation" Sunday. "Let me explain what I mean. On governing, it's about doing things, accomplishing things, reaching across the aisle and crafting accomplishments." More...


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