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Father Forced Son To Drink Till He Passed Out

A Sweetwater, Tennessee father forced his son to drink until he passed out as punishment for catching the 15-year-old drinking.


House Gives ‘Go-Ahead’ for Syrian Rebel Training

The House on Wednesday voted to authorize a mission to arm and train rebels fighting in Syria


America Denies Warning that ISIS has Entered the Country

But heightens security at bases near border


America Losing Propaganda War to Terrorists

Feds Fighting to Stop Americans from Joining ISIS


One in Every Three Beers Could be Sold by Same Company

Anheuser-Busch InBev power play


Once Pulling Out Of Middle East, Obama Being Pulled Back In

He has spent most of his presidency touting his progress in winding down the United States out of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


House To Move Quickly On Obama’s ISIS Plan

House leaders rallied behind President Obama’s call to combat the Islamic State, vowing Thursday to back his request for funding to arm


Russia Warns U.S. Against Air Strikes on ISIS Side Of Syria

Russia is warning the United States against air strikes targeted at Islamic militants in Syria. Such actions, they say, would be

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Obama Lays Out His ISIS Strategy

President Obama addressed the nation Wednesday night laying out his plan to “degrade and destroy” the ISIS threat.


Political Secrets Revealed as Feds Try to Control SNL Content

Comedy is out of your hands