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Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk Resigns

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has announced his resignation following turmoil in government.

President Obama

Interview: Obama Faces More Immigration Troubles

On the West Coast President Obama winds up a campaign funding trip and talks about the economy but when


Court Upholds Challenge to Obamacare

A federal appeals court delivers serious setback to Obama health care law.


European Union Discussing Tougher Sanctions on Russia

After having taken a softer stand on sanctions against Russia than the U.S. would have liked, Europe is considering further oil, gas, defense and financial penalties


The United Kingdom Looks to Space Tourism

The Next Frontier has arrived


Obama Voices Concern About Casualties In Gaza

President Barack Obama is expressing serious concern about the rising number of casualties in the Gaza Strip.


Obama Calls For Immediate Access To Crash Site

President Barack Obama is calling for international investigators to have "immediate and full access" to the site in eastern Ukraine

President Obama

Obama Encourages Israel To Minimize Civilian Death

President Barack Obama is encouraging Israel to try to minimize civilian deaths in its ground push into


Interview: Israel Sending Ground Troops to Gaza

The heavy thud of tank shells, often just seconds apart, echoed across the Gaza Strip early Friday as thousands


Russia Reopening Listening Station in Cuba to Spy on USA

How does Cuba benefit?