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Canada Restrcits Visas Over Ebola Scare

Canada is suspending entry visas for people from countries in West Africa where Ebola was present. According to NBC25, the Canadian government said on Friday that it is temporarily preventing visa applications for residents and nationals of countries with “widespread and

IHOP allows kids to create their own scary pancake for Halloween.

9 Food Places That Give Good Deals for Halloween

  Whether you are trick-or-treating or celebrating Halloween, everyone still has to eat. CBS10News gives a list of some food places that give great deals for this Halloween. For children Outback Steakhouse — Kids get a free meal with


What’s Wrong with Trick-Or-Treating in ‘Rich’ Neighborhoods?

A common practice for kids on Halloween is to travel to the “rich” neighborhood in the area to trick-or-treat in order to get the best candy possible. This is no surprise as the whole goal of Halloween is to

Galactic spaceship

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Has In-Flight Problem

Virgin Galactic has reported an unspecified problem during a test flight of its SpaceShipTwo space tourism rocket.


Armored Vehicle Drops Cash On Highway, Drivers Pick It Up

Drivers traveling north on I-270 Friday morning were lucky enough to have money fall right into their lap during their commute. An armored transport vehicle in Frederick, Maryland had a malfunctioning door lock which caused a money bag to

sistine chapel

Sistine Chapel Pollution Issues Resolved

Preserving the Sistine Chapel   With millions of tourists visiting the Sistine Chapel each year, it is no wonder the Vatican museum had to find a new way to preserve the art work from falling apart. It was reported


Starbucks Coming To Your Home Real Soon

Starbucks Announces Delivery Service If you are ever craving for a fresh cup of coffee from Starbucks, soon you will be able to have the popular beverage delivered to your home.  The delivery service will be available in a

Eric Frein

Trick-Or-Treating Back On After Manhunt Ends

Trick-or-treating is back on in a northeastern Pennsylvania town that spent the last seven weeks gripped by a massive manhunt for the suspect

Boyd Bushman

Former Area 51 Scientist Says Aliens Are Real

Not only are UFO's real, but the aliens who piloted them here in the 1950's have now gone to work. For the government.


Pres. Obama To Talk Economy in Rhode Island

President Obama is in Rhode Island on Friday for the third time as president, set to address the economy in a speech at Rhode Island College on Friday.