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Militia “Secured” U.S. Compound In Libya

The Islamist-allied militia group in control of Libya's capital has reportedly "secured" a U.S. Embassy residential compound there.

Oregon beach sand collapse

Oregon Beach Sand Collapse Kills 9-Year-Old Girl

Nine-year-old Isabel Grace Franks died at a Lincoln City, Oregon, beach on Friday, when a hole she was digging in the sand caved in and buried her.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Tells Ukraine To Start Talks On The East

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday called on Ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine.


Al-Qaida-Linked Rebel Group Releases Lebanese Soldiers

An al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebel group has released five Lebanese soldiers captured earlier this month in a cross-border raid.


Feds: Plane With Unconscious Pilot Goes Into Ocean

A pilot lost consciousness and the plane drifted into restricted airspace over the nation's capital, eventually crashing into the Atlantic Ocean.

burned bacon

Woman Accused Of Setting Fire With Burned Bacon

A Utah woman accused of using a pound of bacon to start a fire in her ex-boyfriend's house will stand trial on arson charges.

Petro Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Calls For Calm In Wake Of Russian Actions

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is calling on the country to resist giving into panic in the wake of Russian forces entering the

gas prices

Travelers Taking Long Road Trips Due To Low Gas Prices

Summer comes to its unofficial end this weekend. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the long road trips millions take


The History of ISIS: Wahhabism

he dramatic arrival of Da'ish (ISIS) on the stage of Iraq has shocked many in the West. Many have been perplexed


Site of Uzi Accident Had Past Similar Incidents

The site of the Airzona Uzi accident where a 9-year-old accidental shot and killed an instructor had previous incidents