Google Shares Drop During First Quarter

Google is involved in plenty of high-tech ventures, from Google Glass to its broadband-on-steroids


Interview: Amazon To Start Charging Tax To Floridians

AM 820 News anchor Roger P. Schulman spoke to Shyann Malone of WTSP 10 News about the sales tax


‘Halo’ Music Composer Fired

After composing some of the most memorable songs in gaming for Bungie games including most of

Google glass

Journalist Using Google Glass Claims Attack

A man said he had his Google Glass snatched of his face and smashed to the ground in

Google Lense

Google Reveals Plans For Contact Lense With Camera

Now it has revealed plans for a lens with a camera built in - opening the possibility of its

Google glass

Google Glass Will Go On Sale For One Day

Anyone in the U.S. with $1,500 and the will to walk around in public with a computer on his or her face

20140410-173037.jpg to Acquire comiXology (the big get bigger)

SEATTLE—April 10, 2014—(NASDAQ: AMZN)— today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire comiXology, the company that revolutionized the digital comics reading experience with their immersive Guided View technology and makes discovering, buying, and reading comic books and


Facebook To Pull Messaging From Primary App

In an effort to push users toward its Messenger app, Facebook will pull chat messages out of it primary

Smash brothers

Super Smash Brothers 3DS Launches Summer 2014

Jonesing for a new Super Smash Bros. game? Hope you own a 3DS: Nintendo has announced that

Windows XP

Microsoft Encouraging Users To Ditch Windows XP

Support for the venerable Windows XP operating system ends this Tuesday