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The “Chevy Guy” was Set Up to Fail

Rikk Wilde has become a bit of an overnight sensation


People Risking Limb and Life to Snap the Perfect Selfie

Value of a life is no longer priceless


Bio-Recovery Corp: I’d Feel More Safe with Secured Borders

Chief Safety Officer speaks about Ebola clean up


Facebook and Apple Offer Women to Freeze Eggs

Women can now have it all


Facebook Launches Safety Feature During Natural Disasters

Facebook Inc. is launching a tool that lets users notify friends and family that they are safe during or after natural disasters.

Google Glass

Google Glass Addiction: Doctors Report First Case Of Disorder

Apparently you can be a Google Glass addict.


Evaluated: City of Tampa Fire Department

Department Chief Tom Forward discusses advances


Voice Harvesters: Governments Gather 65 Million Voice Prints

More digital bounty to be paid


Drones and Surveillance Towers to Protect US Borders

The price tag affecting decision to fully implement


NASA Breaks Ground on Multi-Billion Dollar Project for Mars

Make a goal and strive for it