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The United Kingdom Looks to Space Tourism

The Next Frontier has arrived


Discussed: Could NASA to Find Alien Life in the Next 20 Years

"We need to reach again"


Former Dictator Suing Activision Blizzard Inc.

Ring a bell anyone?


Interview: Google Glass for Diabetes?

If you’ve shied away from “Google Glass” because of the price tag, or because those tech-shields look too weird


Florida Wants to be Nations Leader with Driverless Cars

Looking to get there first


All USA 17 Intelligence Agencies on the Same Computing Cloud

The CIA spent $600 million to put all 17 intelligence agencies on the same cloud developed by Amazon Web Services. Innovation? Or is this dangerous for our intelligence gathering practices? Click Play:   ‘Can we act like a large


FTC Suing Amazon About In-App Purchases

The Federal Trade Commission is suing Amazon alleging the online giant billed parents for unauthorized

Madden NFL 15

Interview: Madden NFL 15 Sneak Peek With Brian Murray

Madden NFL 15: Kaepernick’s tattoos Brian Murray, Presentation Director of EA Sports, joined The Power Hour to discuss Madden NFL 15 as far as graphics and what we can expect in terms of game-play. The game is scheduled to


Hollywood to Outfit US Military with Futuristic Designs

We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams


Survey Finds YouTube More Popular Than Live TV

A survey from Adroit Digital suggests that YouTube is now more popular than live TV