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Talk Back Florida: Political Predictions and Protests

Who will win? Who’s voting? And what Amendments will voters approve … we are talking with USF’s Dr. Susan MacManus about


Talk Back Florida: Re-inventing Yourself – Encore Tampa Bay

More than a ½ million residents with-in the sound of my voice… are over the age of 50 and MANY of you are probably thinking about whats next?


Talk Back Florida: Debating Amendment 2 – Medical Marijuana

If approved into law this November, Amendment 2 would legalize the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis for those with


Talk Back Florida: Election Countdown With Political Reporter William March

The Florida election is about three weeks away and we’re talking with Tampa Tribune senior political reporter, William March, about everything political. William March, Tampa Tribune Political Reporter In studio “selfie” with William March “Say yes to the


Talk Back Florida: Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Clowns? You’re Not Alone

Are you afraid of the dark? Spiders? Clowns? You're not alone!

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Talk Back Florida: Going Back In Time To The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s And 80’s

We talked about Bolita, the day it snowed, the old Jai Alai fronton Big 13 and tons of other great stories & memories all on this podcast!

Holy Days

Talk Back Florida: Understanding The High Holy Days

If you have ever wondered what “the High Holy Days” are and how and why they are celebrated, we will be talking about a different


Talk Back Florida: In The Trenches With Foreign Correspondent David Greenway

I just finished reading Foreign Correspondent David Greenway, a great memoir written by a journalist who loved history and reported on it


Talk Back Florida: Is Your Job Holding You Back?

Find out ways to find a job that meets your needs. Where is it & how can you get it in a competitive job market?


Talk Back Florida: Local Experts Speak On NFL And Abuse Scandals

Athletes and abuse. It's in the news constantly but we will try to answer "Why" and "who is really responsible"