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MIT: Deadline for Mars Colony Needs to be Pushed Back Decades

The Red Planet posing colonization problems

IZombie is a run-a-way hit that you can checkout on Hulu Plus

Streaming Video – Everything From Music To Zombies

What a wild weekend for streaming video because there really is something for everyone online from music to zombies that you can watch through your Roku or other streaming player worthy of your time this weekend. You could also

Get Hard

David Blaustein Talks “Home” And “Get Hard”

ABC Entertainment Correspondent David Blaustein joined us on Your Wake Up Call Friday morning to discuss Dreamworks' "Home" and "Get Hard"


New Research Makes Alcoholics Anonymous Look Outdated

Pissin the night away


The Endless Problems of SeaWorld

Stayed the course, right off a cliff


Smartphones Linked to Mental Illness in Children

Get busy living or get busy dying


Sen. Ted Cruz Enrolls in the Obamacare He Vowed to Destroy

Do what I say, not as I do


Monica Lewinsky is the New Face of Cyberbullying

New Monica is a hero


Bill Gates Scared of Super Machines, Artificial Intelligence

Sounds a bit hypocritical


ISIS Calls for Supporters to Kill 100 US Military Personnel

Social Media giants refuse to step up against Islamic State