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The “Chevy Guy” was Set Up to Fail

Rikk Wilde has become a bit of an overnight sensation


People Risking Limb and Life to Snap the Perfect Selfie

Value of a life is no longer priceless


Dip in DIY Projects Tout End of Manly Men

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe Has Some Serious Rap Skills

Daniel Radcliffe made an appearance on the "Tonight Show" to talk about his new Film "Horns" and in doing so, we found out his rap skills.


University of Akron’s New Campaign To Students

University of Akron’s New Motivation The University of Akron is attempting a new campaign which is using an infomercial in order to motivate students to graduate college on time. The new campaign called F.I.T. (Finish In Time) will help

Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling To Release Short Story on ‘Pottermore’

New Story for ‘Pottermore’ to be Released More exciting news for Harry Potter fans this month, J.K. Rowling recently announced she will be releasing a short story on Pottermore, which is a Harry Potter website created for the fans to


Child Permitted to Carry Dagger to School to Enact Social Justice

What could go wrong?


Florida High School Teacher to have Sex Change

Robocall? Stand up for it if you believe in it


17 Year Old Florida Boy Running for Homecoming Queen

Agender society