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Florida’s 3rd Gubernatorial Debate Gets Nasty

Uncomfortable moments


Florida Wrestling Coach in Trouble for Assault of Students

The third time he has been accused


South Florida Serious About Being Their Own State

Climate Change dividing the state


MLB Major Problem American Youth Not Watching Games

Rule changes coming


How To Be An Entrepreneur While Keeping Your Corporate Salary

The world has a long way to go in solving the problems that affect us all, but there are solutions, says Berny Dohrmann, an entrepreneur and international speaker.


British Drones To Fly Missions Over Syria

British Reaper drones will be flying missions over Syria to gather intelligence on ISIS. That’s the word from British Defense Secretary


Chris Ingram Shares Thoughts On Gov. Debate

Bay News 9 political correspondent Chris Ingram joined Your Wake Up Call to talk about the final debate between Florida governor Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.


MLB Wants To Cut Down On Game Length

The problem is these games are getting...just...too...long. So Major League Baseball is experimenting with ways to shorten the average baseball game.


Ebola Czar Klain Starts His New Role Today

All eyes are on Ron Klain, the U.S.’s public point-person on Ebola, as he takes the reins on the Ebola crisis on Wednesday.


Texas To Get Ebola Treatment And Containment Facility

The state where the nation's first Ebola cases were diagnosed and treated will soon have an infectious-disease treatment and bio-containment center.