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Jessica Merchant

Food Talk: Jessica Merchant Talks ‘How Sweet It Is’

Kim Bailey talked to Jessica Merchant from How Sweet It Is


Talk Back Florida: Is Your Job Holding You Back?

Find out ways to find a job that meets your needs. Where is it & how can you get it in a competitive job market?


Talk Back Florida: Local Experts Speak On NFL And Abuse Scandals

Athletes and abuse. It's in the news constantly but we will try to answer "Why" and "who is really responsible"

Daniel Ruth

Daniel Ruth Show: September 20, 2014

Missed part of the show? Here’s a recap of the program on September 20, 2014. On today’s show we discussed the NFL’s public image and Roger Goodell’s press conference on personal conduct in the league. Also discussed was FSU


Octopus Skin Inspires Camouflage for Military

Material that automatically camouflages itself to its surroundings


NFL Real Issue: Players Aren’t Disciplined Before Entering League

Family, High School, College. They all look the other way


50 Years and $22 Trillion Later, War on Poverty Evaluated

Has it flopped?


St. Petersburg, Florida Looks to Regulate Dog Ownership

City decides the limit of pets

iPhone 6

ABC’s David Blaustein Talks iPhone 6, Weekend Movies

ABC News Enterainment correspondent David Blaustein joined Your Wake Up Call to discuss the iPhone 6 coming out today

flu season

Why You Should Get Vaccinated This Flu Season

Yesterday, the NFID convened leading public health and medical experts at a news conference to emphasize the importance of annual flu vaccination