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Luxury Hotels Reveal Robots for Room Service

Robots to revolutionize the world

Paul Ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan: America’s Debt is Over $80 Trillion

Also talks ISIS, Mitt Romney

Daniel Ruth

Daniel Ruth To Discuss James Foley

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call, pulitzer prize winning Tampa Bay Times columnist Daniel Ruth joined us to discuss what he will feature

mike brown missouri police

Darrel Stephens Speaks To Police Equipment, Actions in Ferguson

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call Darrel Stephens joined us to discuss police actions, equipment etc in Ferguson.


Lorie Fridell Discusses Prejudice and Biases

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call, USF professor Lorie Fridell joined us to discuss the situation in Ferguson from the standpoint of ethics.


David Blaustein Talks Weekend Movies

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call ABC entertainment correspondent David Blaustein joined us to discuss what will be in theaters this weekend

White _House_1

Washington Remains Quiet Over Foley Death

Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday announced that the Department of Justice has “an open criminal investigation into the brutal


Eric Holder Says Ferguson Residents Give Him Hope

At a press conference Thursday morning, Attorney General Eric Holder shared his reflections on the visit to the town, saying the people of Ferguson give him hope.

An American infected with the Ebola virus arriving at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta in an ambulance on Saturday,

Ebola Fears Lead To South Africa Travel Bans

South Africa has experienced two Ebola scares in recent weeks, involving passengers arriving from Liberia and Guinea.


Pentagon Broke the Law with Sgt. Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

Bergdahl wants out of the Army