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Summer 2015: Busiest Ever For Air Travel

The data has been analyzed, and your plane is bound to be even more crowded, as the airlines are expecting this summer


Anonymous Threats Called In At Airports

Anonymous telephone threats against commercial airliners on Monday, possibly from the same source, caused a scare

family tree

Talk Back Florida: Creating Your Family Tree With The “Genealogy Guys”

What’s in your background? Have ever wanted to know how-to find out more information about your family history? Well the “Genealogy Guys” are here to help!

Daven Wardynski

Food Talk: Daven Wardynski

Missed part of the show? Here's a recap of Food Talk from Saturday, May 23, 2015.


The Shady World of Art Auctions

Christie's sells a record $1.4 billion in just two days


If Doug Hughes Was So Righteous He Would Plead Guilty

Hughes, a captain that doesn't want to go down with the ship


Tomorrowland, Poltergeist Not Very Good, Says David Blaustein

ABC Entertainment Correspondent David Blaustein had some harsh ratings for Poltergeist and Tomorrowland

Memorial Day

Memorial Day To Be Busiest In 10 Years

Thanks to lower gas prices and cheaper air fares, this Memorial Day weekend promises to be the busiest in 10 years